“To use tools in the application to meet specific requirements without the use of code.” The key here is that customization is by definition much more invasive to the core application because it requires programmers to modify a program or write a program to do something that the software does not currently do. Customization can be fairly basic – writing a class file to meet a task – or very invasive – changing the core application.

To put these definitions into practical terms, customization means more effort and more risk. This is because a programmer is working outside the application. Custom code tends to break in an upgrade. Configuration means less effort and less risk. This is because tools within the application are being used to make changes in a way that the application was expressly design to have changes made. Configuration is inherently better because it is working within the application.

Why Gheewala?

With our experience of 19 years in Tally across various industries, We at Gheewala have developed world class capabilities in Tally Development language (TDL) programming. Many parameters, fields, and workflows can be configured to match your company’s requirements as part of a customization project. Gheewala can significantly add value to your company by understanding your business needs, suggesting alternatives, improvements and by acting as a source of advice and information. Our experienced team in Customization is most competent to extend the capabilities of Tally products. These product enhancements get plugged in seamlessly to deliver a great user experience.

How is Tally Customization done ?

TallyPrime is architecture to be a platform and is designed to support extensive Tally Customization. TallyPrime comes with an execution Kernel, an interpreter and a development language Tally Definition Language (TDL). Using TDL, you can enhance or change the default behavior of TallyPrime. Extend core functionality by interfacing a bespoke application facilitated by TallyPrime’s support for custom built DLLs and XSLT.

TallyPrime supports ODBC and import & export of data in standard data formats like XML & CSV. TallyPrime has a SOAP listener, which helps in online integration and with other business tools.

How can you reach us?

You can reach us directly on our Tally support care contact number +91 91065 88481 (or)+91 70699 39472

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